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Product Development, Design, Prototyping, and Distribution Services:

The Chinese have become very advanced at making products. With a good 30 year’s experience manufacturing western goods, the advancement of technology and global connectedness China is becoming a serious global competitor.

Manufacturing or selling your product in China requires a shift if not a total abandonment from Western thinking. My twelve year’s experience in manufacturing and the recent few years of consulting in product design and distribution I have found most if not all of my western education in business needs to be abandoned and follow the “seek first to understand before being understood” moto.

China is a rapidly advancing global and mobile market. Their housing, raising of children, buying and selling habits and most important the general way of thinking is very different than the west which not only requires understanding but more important a new respect.

Some recommended video’s to get some insights with China’s current state:

China Vision: [Davos 2017 - Opening Plenary with Xi Jinping, President of the Peoples Republic of China - YouTube]

China Growth: [What Happens When China Becomes Number One _ Institute of Politics - YouTube]

China Prototyping: [Future Cities-WIRED-Shenzhen The Silicon Valley of Hardware - YouTube]

Sketch to Scale manufacturing: [Mike McNamara discusses manufacturing Flextronics design with Christine Tan on Managing Asia - YouTube]

Product Development, Prototyping:
There are many options for prototyping and product development. Bili has its own small fab lab type office and long-term relationships with medium sized to large scale product development facilities.

You can start small with facilities like mine or go direct to the big players offering Sketch-to-Scale solutions like [Flex] and [3Nod] to name a few.

Distribution remains to be the biggest challenge in China. If you want to sell in China you will need Chinese partners. Because Bili has been in China for more than a dozens years, extensive experience negotiating deals we are in a unique position to assist in finding the right partner to market your product. And of course will have valuable insights in working with and managing those relationships.

Some of our work:

  • Dozens of western designed products modified to be suitable for domestic manufacturing.
  • Popcorn Vending Machine: Set up the manufacturing with the countries top manufacturer and a national vending machine for a distribution partner.
  • Designed and built prototype of an Electro-Mechanical plastic press for recycling plastic in Europe.
  • Re-designed a French paint mixing machine to be cheaper and more efficient to compete in the China market.
  • Designed an electronic counting device with LTE Bluetooth technology stack and mobile application.
  • Now active in the IoT space with excellent connections to module, sensor and connectivity suppliers. A hot new technology about to revolutionize this space is the NB-IoT rolling out at the end of 2017 with big companies like Huawei.


  • Sourcing facilities, actual physical office setup and staffing and full company registration:
  • Market study and feasibility research:
  • Business model development:
  • Complete solid models, 3D, and 2D drawing capability:
  • 3D Printing:
  • Creativity: We have a small team of foreigners with a combined 30 years plus experience working from manufacturing, machine design and build to language training.

Bili International is actively seeking partnerships with western products and companies to evaluate their potential in this market, assist with product design and complete facility setup. Bili has been significant partner in setting up several companies and believes we have unique insights into creating an excellent work environment for the people relaying and building corporate vision and mission.

Daniel A. Janssen
General Manager:
Qingdao Bili International Consulting Co., Ltd

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