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Industrial Product Design, Prototyping and Equipment Installations:

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new design that you are considering having built in China or a manager of a factory looking to improve your current production capabilities or efficiency Bili International can help.

We have many years of experience designing industrial machines / equipment driven by hydraulics, pneumatics, and or electrical motors. Material handling equipment, assembly lines, work stations, industrial part holding jigs, test fixtures, part carriers all to make your production more efficient and effective.

With our new fully equipped facility we are capable of complex machine prototyping and designs coupled with our extensive manufacturing network we can take your idea from concept to 3D drawing, prototyping, and set up manufacturers for mass production.

  • Mechanical: Industrial equipment and machine design;
  • Production line: Designs, automating with complete installations;
  • Relocating: Installation teams can install and or relocated equipment;
  • Electrical: Designs, engineering and installations;
  • Software: Full PCL programming, electronic designs and engineering;
  • HVAC: Designing and installing boilers, heating and cooling systems;
  • Assembly line, material handling and packaging systems design, modifications and or efficiency improvements;
  • Drawings: Complete solid models, 3D, and 2D drawing capability;

Products are created in a collaborative workspace of mechanical, industrial and electrical engineers. This effective work environment allows our teams to work together sharing resources minimizing time and in the end reducing overall project costs.

Our core team of foreign and China experts/engineers have over 100 years combined industrial experience that provide international standard quality using the latest technologies and techniques to perform the work. Lianzhong prides itself on our creative abilities to design ergonomic and state-of-the-art products performing our work with integrity and dedicated customer service.

Visit our offices and workshop or contact us at any time to discuss you production or installation needs.

Mechanical Engineering & Design
Lianzhong has advanced skills and knowledge in mechanical design and industrial automation. Our international team of mechanical and electrical engineers can design-build-install equipment related to your production needs.

Custom design machines and equipment with a focus on material handling, assembly line jigs and fixtures and or machine design improvement to make your production more efficient and effective. We provide complete service from preliminary evaluations, concept-to-3D-design, prototyping, project management, and complete installations with continued aftersales services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Electrical Engineering & Automation
Lianzhong has extensive industrial building wiring and machine electrical with PLC design and programming experience. Our senior electrical engineer has over 20 year’s experience installing electrical cabinets and control systems using brand name PLC manufacturers such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, including China’s top brands. In our new facility we can design, build in a controlled environment, test and then install in your facility or build onsite.

HVAC Design & Installations
We have extensive industrial heating-ventilation-air conditioning (HVAC) and plumbing experience. Serving top foreign and Chinese companies in Shandong we have serviced and installed some of the top brand boilers, cooling towers and water treatment systems.

Our senior Thermo Engineer has over 15 year’s experience working with and installing top brand equipment such as LG, York, Parker, Valmet, Lennox, Carrier, and leading China brand units. We can provide complete thermo design, pump/piping and installation services anywhere in Shandong.

Daniel A. Janssen
General Manager: Qingdao Bili International Consulting Co., Ltd
Director: Qingdao Lianzhong Electro-Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

Download our new design company brochure or go direct to our website:
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Lianzhong Brochure: Lianzhong-Brochure-2015.pdf

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