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"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives." - William A. Foster


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Company Verification, Onsite Inspection
and additional Quality Control Services:

It is always a challenge doing business with foreign countries especially when it comes to wiring money to someone you have never met and a product you have never seen.

  • Can I trust this company?
  • How can I be sure to get my products after I pay?
  • What will the quality be like?

Questions like this can cause added stress you do not need. The Bili team has over ten years experience here in China sourcing, verifying and auditing factories and seen most of the tricks suppliers play so we designed the following services to help you answer the above questions and confirm the reality of the supplier you have chosen. Not only do we provide full project management services but also offer a range of less expensive services to help ensure you get what you want.

Basic Chinese Company Verification Report (CVR)

$95.99 USD

This is an inexpensive company verification that can save you thousands of dollars and lots of time. To do this check we need to log on to the China government website for that location and verify several points related to that company. This checks the status of the company and if their business license has been revoked because of shady business practices or tax issues.

The Online audit or verification confirms: (Information varies province to province.)

  • The company’s registered name and address.
  • The name of the authorized representative, CEO or GM of the company.
  • The company’s registered capital.
  • The company’s Business scope.
  • When the company was registered and when it expires.
  • The company’s current status. (Whether or not the company’s business license has been revoked or is still in good standing.)

Then we make a professional phone call telling the supplier who we are and there are customers interested in their products. We tell them we have been hired to do a verification and that we will be doing onsite inspections when the product is ready. Whether you hire us to do an onsite inspection or not is irrelative, the value here is the supplier understands someone may be checking and this makes them take more care and adds more accountability.

We ask to talk with the general manager or manager and ask:

  • How long they have been in business.
  • How many employees they have.
  • Main product line.
  • Factory location.
  • Customer references.
  • A copy of the business license.
  • Pictures of the product and or facility.

We summarize the above information in a report and submit to you within 48 hours. (Excluding weekends)

Note: Time to submit your report depends on the time it takes for company to reply to our phone call audit.

Onsite Factory Audit

$895.99 USD (Plus air flight and an inexpensive hotel if required.)

If you required a more detailed onsite factory audit from a professional that can in person view the factory, meet the management team, check the quality systems used then Bili International can send an employee to do a full onsite factory audit filling out our factory audit form and the government verifications from the above online audit.

(See sample of the “Bili Factory Audit Form” click here.)

This audit includes:

  • Personal visit to facility.
  • Tour of factory taking various pictures of facility and product being made.
  • Management meeting where we fill out the “Bili Factory Audit Form”.
  • Verify their quality system used by demonstration.
  • Verify their special approvals and or certificates with issuing office. (Example: ISO certification, TUV, UL, CE, CSA, etc.)
  • Perform the Basic Chinese Company Verification Report (CVR).

We then summarize all the information in a detailed report and submit to you for your confirmation.

Onsite Product Inspections

$295.99 USD per/man per/day

After you verify the company and feel confident to place an order you will likely wire a deposit to start the processing and probably have to wire the balance payment before shipping your products. These are quite normal terms for China because they have no recourse if you don’t pay. So it is all good, you found a good company, you order products then the supplier makes the products and asks for the balance payment before shipping.

You’re concerned about the quantity and the quality? How do you know if the pictures they sent you are your product or even if that is what they will send? You debate on whether you fly to China to check the order. Save your money and hire Bili International. We have the experience and expertise to check your order, do a volume count and ensure your products get loaded in a container and sealed before you make final payments.

You simply provide a check list and the quality standards and we will take it from there. Bili International can also help develop a check list and or quality standard to apply.

Onsite inspections include:

  • Check the products match the order. (This may involve a simple part number verification or a drawing comparison or more.)
  • Total count of your products compared to purchase order.
  • Random selection product inspection. This involves randomly selecting a part or product to inspect, measure, evaluate, function test and or compare to approved product or specifications. (Volume of product for random inspect should be pre-determined.)
  • Take a set of detailed pictures of your products. (Any issues will be reported to you immediately for discussion and or your confirmation.)

We then summarize all the information in a detailed report and submit to you for your confirmation.

Additional Product Quality Control:

Bili Tracking Program
Many of our clients like to know the status of the manufacturing of their products as they are being made. Bili International has designed an effective product manufacturing tracking sheet that allows you to know the status of your project every step of the way. This also helps ensure the factory stays on track and meets scheduled deadlines and delivery dates.

This document tracks: (Download sample tracking sheet here.)

  • Project information.
  • Project quote date.
  • Project PO date.
  • Order deposit date.
  • Money received and converted date.
  • Supplier order and deposit payment date.
  • Raw material arrival date.
  • Various parts arrival dates.
  • Fabrication date.
  • Assembly date.
  • Finishing date.
  • Testing date.
  • Packaging date.
  • Final inspection date.
  • Final payment date.
  • Shipping date.

The tracking sheets are always custom made to fit your product and the specific milestones needed to record. When these dates have arrived a Bili International employee contacts the supplier to confirm this part of the project is complete, we request a picture or two and the supplier to update the tracking sheet if any other dates have changed. This is also something you can easily do with the supplier. This helps keep accountability and keeps you informed of the status.

Contracts and Manufacturing Agreements
A manufacturing contract can explain in detail the terms and conditions of your agreement, quality standards and how to deal with warranty if and when issues arise. You might think that a piece of paper is useless in China but nothing can be further from the truth. It might not help you with quality but if there is a major problem nothing can be done legally without a contract.

A manufacturing contract is the ultimate accountability in China and it is highly recommended to have a very detailed agreement that both parties sign, then China needs signature by the authorized representative and stamped with their company seal (chop).

Download a Draft Manufacturing Agreement here.

Complete Project or Quality Management
Of course Bili International can provide all the above services in a complete project management or quality management package.

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

Bili International has the experience and ability to set up a complete manufacturing process tracking system that goes above and beyond ISO 9000. ISO is a quality management standards system based on the quality management principles. It is an excellent system if followed correctly. The problem is most facilities here, or any where in the world just don’t follow the program. The program takes time and effort, quality takes time and effort. Most factories here have some kind of ISO certification but few put any of it into practice, they can’t see the value at the end of the day. In China a major problem is processing defects, they just don’t check things during the process and then some simple inspector at the end has a general look over and they think that is good enough. A system needs to be designed with all of the specifications, machine calibrations and maintenance, checks and balances, proper tools and a tracking system second to none. Then you need someone you trust like Bili International to ensure that all these steps get done at the right times following the project through each process helping the supplier solve problems and deliver on time.

To discuss how a complete Project Management Quality Control can help your China strategy today. Contact Us here.

Raw Material Composition & Lab Test Reports:

Bili International can also offer to have samples, raw material or a part sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.

Why? It is not uncommon for a supplier of raw material or even the factory making your product to change the composition and or add more of a cheaper material which ends up weakening your product or reducing the quality. If your product or customer demands a certain specification to meet certain quality standards, strength requirements and or just last as long as it should then you should consider having your materials test in an independent lab.

Bili will simply collect an actual sample of your product or your raw materials and send them to an independent laboratory using Bili’s name so there is no association with the supplier ensuring no corruption is involved. We can then verify by report that material meets your specifications and or standards.

Different type of testing laboratories available:

  • Materials and metal alloys
  • Manufactured products
  • Toys and consumer goods
  • Food, medicines, drugs
  • Agricultural products
  • Automotive products
  • Chemicals

We utilize reputable testing facilities such as Bureau Veritas, Sino Analytica, Pony and other certified testing laboratories.

Payment Methods:


  • Transfer or pay with your credit card using PayPal.
  • Simply add me to your account and transfer funds. I will receive an email notification that you have paid and we will do our work.

Email Transfer

  • Most major banks allow you to email funds. Simply log on your banks online interface and choose the appropriate place to make your E-transaction.
  • Request my email address and you email the correct amount.

TT – Wire Transfer

  • Normal bank wire transfer service.
  • Simple request the Bili International bank remittance route information and wire online or from in your favorite bank branch.

Soon to come: Credit Card and Debit Card payments.

Bili International is a Canadian funded and operated company and we guarantee all business is conducted with western principles and practices in mind. Our staff have been educated on these principles and sworn to refuse any bribes or any kind of corruption regarding your orders. We have our own internal checking system to ensure integrity and honesty regarding information and reports we provide.

Daniel A. Janssen
General Manager:
Qingdao Bili International Consulting Co., Ltd

For a PDF Overview of Inspection Services click here.

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