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Huangdao Business Directory

In 2014 the Qingdao district of Huangdao merged with the Qingdao satellite city Jiaonan to create “Huangdao”. This is the newest and fastest growing districts in the city of Qingdao. This seaside zone is quickly becoming North China’s top holiday destination boasting a 7-Star Hotel (Lalu), several international brand 5-Star Hotels along with at least two major theme resorts still under construction.

This zone is blessed with silver and golden tinted beaches that run the entire length of the coast from Qingdao’s city proper all the way down to Rizhao city in the south of Shandong province with lots of tourist destinations along the way.

As a foreigner that has lived here for over ten years experiencing this growth has been something else. Unfortunately the, literally thousands of new buildings, resorts and hotels are still under construction and still very few foreign services available. Below is the list of most commonly used services by the rather small foreign community in Huangdao.

Business Consulting (
Bili International is a Canadian Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) started in 2005. We have traditionally provided manufacturing support services focused on industrial products. Bili has also directly or indirectly set up several companies, workshops and supply chains in the Qingdao area. Bili has recently opened up its office and resources to support entrepreneurs developing products and services in China.

Bili International Consulting

Tourism Shandong ( is an informational source for sightseeing and traveling in the Shandong province of China. Whether you are looking for a nice Sunday drive or visiting one of the many historically rich sites in Shandong this website promises to provide detailed accurate information to help make your travels safe and enjoyable. If you have visited a unique spot in Shandong you think should be on this site then please Contact Us and provide me some pictures and a little story about your experiences. Help us build an excellent resource for the foreign community of Shandong. Thank you for your interest in Shandong and together we can make this province a place to remember.

Tourism Shandong

Luigi’s Italian Café & Pizzeria
Address: #219 Wuyishan Road
Telephone: 0532-86996535

Luigi (张胜利, Zhang Shengli) is a long-term friend and supporter of the foreign community here in Huangdao. With his recently expanded and renovated restaurant he is open for lunch, dinner, and late night socializing.

Luigi’s Italian Café & Pizzeria

Knuckles Bar & Grill
Knuckles is one of the first fully foreign owned and operated sports type bars in Huangdao. Very nicely decorated, loaded with big screen TV’s, a pool table, live entertainment and a very nice western menu. You will find a nice atmosphere for fine dining to burgers and beer socializing late in the night.

Address: #274 Wuyishan Road
Telephone: 0532-86106581

Knuckles Bar & Grill

Coffee Clubs

The coffee culture in Huangdao is fairly recent and growing every day. There is a Star Bucks in the Aeon shopping mall and literally dozens of coffee shops throughout the city. I am not a coffee culture dude so have little say other than Kenya Coffee on Alishan Road is one that us foreigners are all familiar with.

Kenya Coffee
#96 Alishan Road (山东省青岛市阿里山路96号)

Health Clubs

Qianxi Healthy 365 Fitness Club
Address: #167 Wuyishan Road
Telephone: None

Gold Coast Body Building Club
Address: #433 Changjiang Road
Telephone: 0532-86995958

Top Huangdao Hotels

There are new hotels popping up every week here in Huangdao. The below hotels were the most common foreigners used over the past several years.

Howard Johnson Hotel
Address: #159 Changjiang Weast Road
Telephone: 0532-55710888

Hilton Golden Sands Beach Hotel
Address: #1 Jialingjiang East Road
Telephone: 0532- 83150000

Wyndham Silver Sands Beach Hotel
Address: #178 Yinshatan Road
Telephone: 0532-58886666

Haidu Hotel
Address: #218 Changjiang Middle Road
Telephone: 0532-86108888

Gold Marina Hotel
Address: #66 Changjiang Weast Road
Telephone: 0532-86986666

Harvest Hotel
Address: #459 Changjiang Middle Road
Telephone: 0532-86999222

Sheraton 4-Points Hotel (Old Jiaonan)
Address: #1288 Binai Avenue
Telephone: 0532-88197777

Modern Shopping Centers

Metro Shopping Center
Address: #1517 Wutaishan Road
Telephone: 0532-86028888

Aeon (Formerly Jusco)
Address: #419 Changjiang Middle Road
Telephone: 0532-86990666

Address: #232 Changjiang Middle Road
Telephone: 0532-83755428

JiaJia Yuan
Address: #308 Changjiang Middle Road
Telephone: 0532-86997119

Thank you

I would like to personally congratulate you on learning the basics of Mandarin Chinese and hope this guide has been helpful.

We would also like to wish you the very best experience in Huangdao or China and don’t hesitate to look me up when you’re in town.

Daniel A. Janssen

General Manager
Qingdao Bili International